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Nemaska Lithium Inc. (TSX: NMX, OTCQX:NMKEF, FRANKFURT:N0T): is Positioned to Become a Fully-Integrated Lithium Producer
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Nemaska Lithium Inc. (TSX:NMX, OTCQX:NMKEF, FRANKFURT:N0T) is a pure play lithium investment, solely focused on developing its Whabouchi lithium project, in Quebec, into a viable lithium mine and electrochemical plant and becoming a leading supplier of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate to the emerging lithium battery market, as well as other applications. Nemaska Lithium plans to be one of the world's largest producers of lithium hydroxide, vertically integrated, from spodumene mining to the commercialization of high-purity lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate. The Whabouchi mine is one of the richest lithium spodumene deposits in the world, both in volume and grade. We learned from Wanda Cutler, Investor Relations Manager for Nemaska Lithium, that close to 70% of the Company’s future production is spoken for, via off-take or right of first offer, with several large end-users. Nemaska just closed the $1.1 billion Canadian financing and is now fully financed to build both the mine as well as the electrochemical plant in Shawinigan that will utilize the company's patented process to transform spodumene concentrate directly into high purity lithium hydroxide. This technology gives Nemaska a considerable cost advantage over its competition, coming in as the lowest cost producer of lithium hydroxide in a high growth market.
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Rick Rule Rates Your Natural Resource Portfolio and Shows How US Tax Payers Save with Sprott Trusts
by Allen Alper Jr., President, Metals News

Rick Rule, who is President and CEO at Sprott US Holdings Inc., is one of my favorite people to interview, as his wit and intellect are only exceeded by his experience and knowledge of natural resource investment strategies. Rick is a highly experienced investor and speculator, focusing on public and private issuers in natural resource industries. He has personally structured, led and participated in hundreds of privately placed debt and equity issuances for resource companies operating globally, and domiciled in Australia, Canada, Chile, Great Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. Rick has over thirty years of experience in metals, mining and the natural resource sector in general, and is a presenter at hundreds of resource and investment conferences.
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Avesoro Resources Inc. (TSX: ASO, AIM: ASO): A Growing Low Cost West African Gold Producer, Interview with Nick Smith, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Avesoro Resources Inc. (TSX: ASO, AIM: ASO) is engaged in the exploration and development of gold deposits in highly prospective and under-explored areas of Liberia, Burkina Faso and Cameroon. The company’s vision is to become a premier, mid-tier, West African gold producer and developer. It plans to achieve this in two ways. First, by focusing on resource definition and conversion to expand Mineral Reserves and extend the mine lives at New Liberty, Youga and Balogo, whilst increasing production and significantly improving free cash flow. Further growth will be achieved through maximizing upside potential at their operating mines and through opportunistic and accretive M&A activity. We learned from Nick Smith, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Manager for Avesoro Resources, that the company's current market cap is just over 300 million dollars and they have three mines, two in the Burkina Faso, and one in Liberia. This year's gold production forecast is 220,000-240,000 ounces. We learned from Mr. Smith that Avesoro is delivering operational improvements and optimized the processing plant to reduce cost and increase production, at the New Liberty Gold Mine, acquired back in July 2016, as well as at the Youga mine. Plans for 2018 include a significant 171,000 meter diamond drilling program to increase their reserve bases and the lives of the mines.
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Neometals Ltd (ASX: NMT, OTC: RDRUY): Aim to Create the Most Sustainable Highest-Margin Lithium Business, Interview with Mike Tamlin, COO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

We learned from Mike Tamlin, COO of Neometals, that they have two strong operating partners in the Mt Marion Mine: Mineral Resources Ltd., which is Australia's largest contract minerals processor, and Ganfeng Lithium, China's largest and most diverse lithium producer, who entered a life-of-mine off-take agreement with Mt Marion. According to Mr. Tamlin, Mt Marion mine has reached maximum production capacity, at a time when the lithium prices are at an all-time high. From the third quarter of this year, Mt Marion Mine is planning to start paying the mine JV shareholders their share of profits. Revenues are very strong and looking to go stronger when the concentrator production is upgraded, later in 2018. The Kalgoorlie Lithium Refinery, which will produce 10,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide equivalent per annum, is in the middle of its front-end engineering and design phase. The site is well-located and well-serviced. Neometals is in the middle of the approvals process, expecting to commission the plant in mid-2020-2021.
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Interview with Trevor Benson, Executive Chairman, Walkabout Resources Ltd (ASX: WKT): Fast-Tracking the Development of the High-Grade Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Walkabout Resources Ltd (ASX: WKT) is fast-tracking the development of the high-grade Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project, situated in south-eastern Tanzania, to take advantage of forecast market conditions for Flake Graphite demand, with high ratios of Large and Jumbo flakes. We learned from Trevor Benson, Executive Chairman of Walkabout Resources, that they expect to get the mining license in the near term, and the project will be in production within 12 months, supplying high-grade graphite to China and to Germany. We learned from Mr. Benson that the Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project has the highest reserve grade in Tanzania of 16.1 % TGC and a 20 year mine life. They we will be producing 40,000 tonnes per annum of concentrate grade, between 95 to 97 % TGC, with very low capex and operating cost. Additionally, Walkabout Resources has very exciting early stage exploration programs, in Namibia, for lithium and in Northern Ireland for copper, cobalt, gold and silver.
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Levon Resources Ltd. (TSX: LVN): Exploring One of the World's Largest Silver Resources, Interview with Ron Tremblay, President and CEO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Levon Resources Ltd. (TSX: LVN) is exploring one of the world's largest silver resources at the company's 100%-owned Cordero Project in northwest Mexico. We learned from Ron Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Levon Resources, that they recently announced a 30% increase in the resource, which is now one and three-quarter billion silver ounce equivalent and a PEA, which is giving them a net present value just under $400 million. According to Mr. Tremblay, silver prices should go up, following gold’s upward movement. Levon plans to grow the resource even bigger and to improve the grade as well. Mr. Tremblay believes that the company has lots of upside potential and is way undervalued compared to some of their peers.
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Interview with Keith Piggott, CEO, Core Gold Inc. (TSXV: CGLD, OTCQX: CGLDF): Growing Gold Production in Ecuador
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Core Gold Inc. (TSXV: CGLD, OTCQX: CGLDF) is a Canadian based mining company involved in mining, exploration and development of mineral properties in Ecuador. Core Gold is currently focused on gold production at its wholly-owned Dynasty Goldfield project, located in Loja Province in southwestern Ecuador, and on continued development at its Zaruma mine, located in the Zaruma-Portovelo Mining District of southern Ecuador. We learned from Keith Piggott, CEO of Core Gold, that the Dynasty Goldfield open-pit mine is currently producing 1,800 ounces a month and by the end of this year will ramp up to 4,000 a month making a nice cash flow. The company also owns the Portovelo mineral plant, located close to the Zaruma mine operations. The most exciting part of the company, according to Mr. Piggott, is its significant gold exploration projects, including the Linderos and Copper Duke area in southern Ecuador, all of which are on the main Peruvian Andean gold-copper belt, extending into Ecuador.
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Interview with Ben Mossman, President and CEO, Rise Gold Corp. (CSE: RISE, OTCQB: RYES): A Major Past-Producing, High-Grade Gold Mine, Located in California, USA
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Rise Gold Corp. (CSE: RISE, OTCQB: RYES) owns 100% of the major past-producing, high-grade Idaho-Maryland gold mine, located in Nevada County, California, USA. The Idaho-Maryland Gold Mine is one of the United States’ greatest past producing gold mines, with total past production of 2,414,000 oz. of gold at an average mill head grade of 17 gpt gold from 1866-1955. We learned from Ben Mossman, President, Director, and CEO of Rise Gold, that this year they started the first exploration drilling program on the mine and the first hole on the Brunswick #1 Vein Set produced intercept of 12.2 gpt gold over 14.9 m (7.8 m est. true width). Currently they are drilling underneath the level, where the old mining stopped. Plans for 2018 include drilling a number of advanced targets, underneath the very high-grade Idaho mine in mid-June. We learned from Mr. Mossman that Rise Gold team plans to determine the resource and the cost to restore the mine before deciding whether to sell it to a larger company or to put it into production by themselves.
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Interview with Heye Daun, CEO, Co-Founder and Director of Osino Resources: Discovering Namibia’s Next Significant Gold Deposit in the Namibian Pan-African Gold Belt
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Osino Resources Corp. is a soon-to-be public Canadian company, developing large and prospective gold concessions, in the emerging Namibian Pan-African gold belt, with the vision of finding Namibia’s next significant gold deposit. Osino expects to start trading on the TSX-V by around 28 June, under the symbol OSI. Osino holds a prospective, 5,700km2 portfolio including the Goldkuppe discovery and a growing pipeline of targets. We learned from Heye Daun, CEO, co-founder and Director of Osino Resources, that their land position, within the Pan-African gold belt, is book-ended by two major low-cost gold deposits, with respectively 8 and 4m ounces in historical gold resources. Plans for 2018 include taking the company public as the first milestone, as well as completing their $6 million exploration program that includes drilling, aero-magnetic surveying and regional geochemistry. According to Mr. Daun, Namibia is a mining-friendly country and one of the continent’s most politically and socially stable jurisdictions, with well-established infrastructure.
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Interview with David Reeves, Managing Director Calidus Resources (ASX:CAI): The Highest Grade (Over Two Grams) Open Pit-Able Gold Resource in Australia
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Calidus Resources (ASX:CAI) controls the entire Warrawoona Gold Project, in the East Pilbara district of the Pilbara Goldfield, in Western Australia. We learned from David Reeves, Managing Director of Calidus Resources, that they have a resource of 712,000 ounces, at 2.1 grams a ton, outcropping over 2.6 kilometers. It is open in all directions, and they have just commenced the resource extension program to exceed the million ounce mark this year. The main Klondyke deposit is a conventional shear-hosted gold deposit, with very good potential for an open pit mine. The metallurgical test work resulted in very high recoveries of 96% at a coarse grind, which promises potentially low operating costs. Plans for 2018 include a lot of drilling to upgrade the resource, and tests for the pre-feasibility study. According to Mr. Reeves, quite a few of the board members have taken projects to production before. Calidus is looking to bring the Klondyke project to production and plans to start development early 2020.
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Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (TSX: GCM): Currently the Largest Underground Gold and Silver Producer in Colombia, Interview with Mike Davies, CFO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (TSX: GCM) is currently the largest underground gold and silver producer in Colombia with several underground mines in operation at its Segovia and Marmato properties. We learned from Mike Davies, who is the CFO of Gran Colombia that their focus is 100% in Colombia with the flagship Segovia project, delivering 86-90% of the company's production. We learned from Mr. Davies that they currently have three high grade mines in operation in Segovia mining, an average of about 16 grams per ton. As of the end of March 2018, the company's 12 months production is 187,000 ounces, with 162,000 coming from Segovia. Plans for 2018 include refinancing of some of their senior convertible debentures in parallel with the optimization mine programs at Segovia, as well as extending the project's resource. Gran Colombia Gold also owns a small Marmato mine where it is currently taking steps to identify ways for expanding, as well as the Zancudo project currently under option to Iamgold.
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Interview with Jim Pettit, President and CEO of Aben Resources (TSX-V: ABN, OTC PINK: ABNAF, Frankfurt: E2L2): Developing Three Great Gold Projects in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, the Yukon, and Saskatchewan
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Aben Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: ABN, OTC PINK: ABNAF, Frankfurt: E2L2) is a Canadian gold exploration company developing three great projects in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle, the Yukon, and Saskatchewan. We learned from Jim Pettit, President and CEO of Aben Resources, that their flagship project is called Forrest Kerr Gold Project in the Golden Triangle, northwestern British Columbia, which is a very well-known area for high-grade deposits. As well as the Forrest Kerr project, their project in Saskatchewan can be drilled in the winter and is located near the old Claude Resources' gold mine bought by Silver Standard, and their Yukon property is tied right into Golden Predator. We learned from Mr. Pettit that all their properties came with a lot of historic data. This allowed them to compile very clear exploration models for each Property. Plans for 2018 include following up on the exciting high-grade discovery they made last year at Forrest Kerr Gold Project with more drilling, as well as testing new geochemical exploration targets. According to Mr. Pettit, they have a great management team, with about 100 years of knowledge and good access to financing.
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Interview with Ed Turner, CEO Galena Mining Ltd (ASX: G1A): A World Class Lead Silver Project that can be in Production by 2020
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Galena Mining Limited (ASX: G1A) owns 100% of the Abra base metals deposit, located in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, one of the biggest undeveloped lead deposit in the World. Galena completed a very successful drilling campaign in Q4 2017, with high grade lead and silver mineralization intersected in every one of the 12 holes. We learned from Ed Turner, CEO of Galena Mining, that since they listed last September, they raised 15 million Australian dollars and came up with the new resource of approximately 11 million tons at 10% lead and 28 grams per tons silver. Plans for 2018 include finishing the pre-feasibility study and bankable feasibility study that should take about one year to complete. The financing options and off-take agreements will be considered during that stage. According to Mr. Turner, there's been a shortage of lead supply, so the prices are very good and the demand continues to be very strong. The company has good base metal targets to explore and they have just commenced drilling the Woodlands' copper prospect, which is about 50 km to the west of Abra.
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Interview with Normand Champigny, President and CEO of Sphinx Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: SFX), Focus on Precious Metals and High-Grade Zinc in Quebec
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Sphinx Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: SFX) is engaged in the generation and acquisition of exploration projects in Québec, one of the world’s most attractive mining jurisdictions. We learned from Normand Champigny, President and CEO of Sphinx Resources, that they are currently focused on zinc and recently they've done deals with Osisko Metals to advance their Grenville Zinc Project, and also with SOQUEM for the Calumet-Sud zinc project. We learned from Mr. Champigny that zinc is a critical metal for infrastructure, and demand for zinc is rising, largely driven by new infrastructure investment in China, so zinc prices are climbing. We learned from Mr. Champigny that in April they helped create a new company called Quebec Precious Metals Corporation to create a leading gold explorer in the James Bay region of Quebec, and Sphinx will receive shares of the new company as part of the transaction. According to Mr. Champigny, they have an excellent team of actual mine finders. They are working in a very favorable jurisdiction, and the company's plans for 2018 include drilling the two exciting zinc projects.
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Interview with Peter Clausi, President, CEO of CBLT Inc. (TSXV: CBLT): A Successful Canadian Cobalt Project Generator
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

CBLT Inc. (TSXV:CBLT) is a Canadian mineral exploration company and a project generator with a proven leadership team, targeting cobalt in reliable mining jurisdictions. We learned from Peter Clausi, President, CEO of CBLT, that the company was one of the first to move into cobalt space three years ago and were able to acquire cobalt properties fairly cheaply. According to Mr. Clausi, cobalt is an essential ingredient in the electrification of the world; without it, we don't have efficient lithium ion batteries. In 2018 and 2019 the company plans to stick with their business plan to monetize some of the assets turning them into non-dilutive financings. With cobalt prices right now up roughly 400% since February of 2016 and with the supply chain for cobalt from Congo being so unsteady, Mr. Clausi believes that the cobalt market is going to skyrocket.
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Osisko Metals Inc. (TSX-V: OM; FRANKFURT: OB5): Developing Canada’s Two Premier Zinc Mining Camps, Interview with Jeff Hussey, President and CEO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Osisko Metals Inc. (TSX-V: OM; FRANKFURT: OB5) controls Canada’s two premier zinc mining camps, the Pine Point Mining Camp (PPMC), located in the Northwest Territories and the Bathurst Mining Camp (BMC), located in northern New Brunswick. Both projects are past producers, with access to excellent infrastructure. We learned from Jeff Hussey, President and CEO of Osisko Metals, that their third project is a joint venture with Osisko Mining (TSX: OSK), where they are going to start drilling 12 high-priority drill ready base metal targets in June. Other plans for 2018 include exploration drill programs for Pine Point and Bathurst (50,000 meters each) totaling 100,000 meters of drilling, which is the largest base metal exploration program, occurring at this moment, in Canada. According to Mr. Hussey, there's been a steady decline in zinc supply during the last five years and the zinc prices are rising significantly. We also learned that the main uses of zinc are galvanization, in the infrastructure, construction and transportation industries; as nutrient in fertilizers in the agriculture industry, and in renewable power storage, within the batteries market.
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Interview with Steve Mallyon, Managing Director of Riversdale Resources Limited: Well-Positioned in the Capital-Intensive Bulk Commodities Major Coking Coal Business.
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

We learned from Steve Mallyon, Managing Director of Riversdale Resources Limited, that Riversdale is an Australian-incorporated company, with a major coking coal set of assets in southern Alberta, Canada. The company's flagship project is the large, highly competitive, low-cost Grassy Mountain hard-coking coal project, with a resource of about 200 million tons. We learned from Mr. Mallyon that they have developed a large-scale, open pit, mine plan for a 4.5 million product tons a year operation, with very efficient infrastructure. Riversdale has done a massive test program, involving eight steelmakers to make sure that this product produces an excellent coke and are working with off-takers at the moment. The company expects to complete the permitting process in 12 months. The construction period is going to be about 20 months long. With its fantastic board and solid operating team, Riversdale Resources is well-positioned in the capital-intensive bulk commodities business.
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Interview with Anthony Milewski, Chairman and CEO, Cobalt 27 Capital Corp. (TSXV: $KBLT, FRA: $27O): An Opportunity for Investors to be Involved in the Voisey’s Bay Cobalt Stream and the producing Ramu Nickel-Cobalt Stream
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Cobalt 27 Capital Corp. (TSXV: $KBLT, FRA: $27O). We learned from Anthony Milewski, Chairman and CEO of Cobalt 27, that the company has recently completed two large acquisitions that have transformed Cobalt 27 into the leading electric metals streaming and royalty company. First, they acquired the world’s first producing nickel-cobalt stream on the low-cost, long-life Ramu Nickel-Cobalt Mine for US$113 million, which will bring immediate free cash flow into the company, over the estimated 30 year life of mine. The second transaction is the US$300 million acquisition of a 32.6% cobalt stream on Vale's world-class, Voisey's Bay mine, located in a conflict-free, first-world jurisdiction of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The Voisey’s Bay Cobalt Stream is expected to deliver approximately 1.9 million pounds of cobalt per year to the company beginning in 2021, to be settled in physical delivery for the life of the mine. We also learned from Mr. Milewski, that Cobalt 27 owns approximately 3,000 tonnes of cobalt, making them the second largest holder of physical cobalt in the world, after the Chinese government’s strategic stockpile. According to Mr. Milewski, the heart of the power of the electric vehicle is the nickel-manganese-cobalt chemistry that drives rechargeability, speed, and range in EVs.
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Interview with Dr. Andrew Tunks, Managing Director, Meteoric Resources (ASX: MEI): Exploring Canadian Cobalt and Polymetallic Deposits
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

We learned from Dr. Andrew Tunks, Managing Director of the Australian cobalt exploration company, Meteoric Resources (ASX: MEI), with projects in Canada. Meteoric Resources has engaged leading Canadian geology firm, Orix Geoscience, to re-analyze historical exploration to identify targets for an aggressive drilling program. We learned from Dr. Tunks that their main focus will be on Meteoric’s extensive Cobalt Exploration portfolio, including the Iron Mask & Mulligan Cobalt projects in Ontario. Meteoric is focused on expanding upon the extensive existing data and research to build a regional polymetallic and primary cobalt exploration profile.
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Interview with Ross McElroy President, COO and Chief Geologist, Fission Uranium Corp (TSX: FCU, OTCQX: FCUUF): Major Exploration Success by Award Winning Team and Strong Prospects
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Fission Uranium Corp (TSX: FCU, OTCQX: FCUUF) owns the award-winning Patterson Lake South uranium property, host to the near-surface, high-grade Triple R deposit, part of the largest mineralized trend in the Athabasca Basin region. We learned from Ross McElroy, who is President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Geologist of Fission Uranium, that what makes the Triple R deposit unique, within the Athabasca Basin, is that it is very shallow with high-grade mineralization starting at 50 meters, and with the whole bulk of the resource (around 140 million pounds total) located between 50-meter depth to about 350. Large size, shallow depth and high-grade make this prospect an open-pittable deposit. We learned from Mr. McElroy, that the high-grade domain in the deposit averages around 18 to 23% U3O8, with the entire deposit being at average grade of 1.8 to 1.82% U3O8, which is in the order of magnitude of 10 to 20 times the average grade of most uranium deposits around the world. Plans for 2018 include completing pre-feasibility study, followed by full bankable feasibility by 2019, 2020. Beyond those milestones, the company can start looking towards production. The long-term plan is to be in production by 2025.
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Interview with Claude Lemasson, President, CEO Eastmain Resources (TSX:ER, OTCQX: EANRF): Eau Claire High-Grade Low-Cost Gold Project, a Positive and Robust PEA
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, USA

Eastmain Resources (TSX:ER, OTCQX:EANRF) is a junior gold exploration company, with three main projects in the region of James Bay, northern Quebec: the Eau Claire Project, located approximately 800 kilometres north of Montréal, the high-grade Eastmain Mine Project, located within the Upper Eastmain River Greenstone Belt of northern Québec, and the Eleonore South Joint Venture with Goldcorp and Azimut, located in the Opinaca geologic sub-province of James Bay, Québec, where they announced a major discovery in October 2017. We learned from Claude Lemasson, President and CEO of Eastmain Resources, that the company recently published a PEA and updated mineral resource estimate for their Eau Claire Project. The results of the PEA are very robust, showing a high-grade low-cost gold mine, combination open pit and underground operation, that will produce just over 950,000 ounces of gold over the 12-year life of the mine with payback of just over 3 years. Going forward, as it approaches a development decision, Eastmain would want to look at opportunities such as potential strategic investments or partnerships with others to advance the project. Also, raising money in the market is an opportunity as well as looking at other different forms of financing.
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Interview with Roger Rosmus, Founder and CEO of Goliath Resources Limited a Veteran Investment Banker, Focused in the Prolific Golden Triangle and Surrounding Area of Northwestern British Columbia
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Goliath Resources Limited (TSX-V: GOT, Frankfurt: B4IE) is a project generator of precious metals projects, focused in the prolific Golden Triangle and surrounding area of northwestern British Columbia. It controls 100% of four highly prospective properties that include Bingo, Golddigger, Lucky Strike and Copperhead, covering over 44,000 hectares. All four properties have brand new discoveries, never drilled before, that all have returned anomalous gold, silver and/or copper in soils, grab and channel samples from exposed bedrock at surface over large areas. We learned from Roger Rosmus, Founder and CEO of Goliath Resources Limited, a veteran investment banker, that as project generator, they are looking for projects that are elephant size, that are new and that will tick all the boxes for any senior mining company to do a joint venture, a strategic investment, or a potential takeout. Their new discoveries are the product of glacial recession and permanent snowpack melting due to the recent climate change resulting in widespread hybrid mineralization at surface over large areas seen for the first time; truly a once in a life time event. The main focus, in 2018, includes drilling of brand new discoveries at their Lucky Strike and Copperhead projects.
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Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. (NYSE American: PZG): A U.S. Based Gold and Silver, Advanced Exploration Company, Over 4 Million Ounces of Gold (M&I)
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. (NYSE American: PZG) is a U.S based, precious metals exploration company, with a mineral inventory exceeding 6 million ounces of gold equivalent to shares outstanding, providing its shareholders with exceptional leverage to the gold price. Paramount owns 100% of the Grassy Mountain Gold Project, which consists of approximately 9,300 acres located on private and BLM land in Malheur County, Oregon. The Grassy Mountain project contains a gold-silver deposit (100% located on private land) for which a Preliminary Feasibility Study (“PFS”) has been prepared recently and key permitting milestones accomplished. We learned from Glen Van Treek, President, and Christos Theodossiou, Director of Corporate Communications of Paramount Gold Nevada, that during 2017 and early 2018, they focused, on advancing Grassy, completed a 30 hole drill program, initiated and completed a robust and economic pre-feasibility study, as well as advancing the permitting process on the project. They have also done about a $7.4 million financing in that timeframe. Plans for the remainder of 2018 include filing a Consolidated Permit Application to the state of Oregon and they expect to receive the permit within one year from then. In addition, the Company is planning an exploration program on several high priority targets, in close proximity to Grassy Mountain.
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Rick Rule on the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium: Great Venue, Vetted Exhibitors and Leading Industry Side, Policy and Resource Expert Speakers.
by Allen Alper Jr., President, Metals News

Today we are talking about the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium which is being held July 17th - 20th in Vancouver. This is a very different conference, in that Sprott has vetted and has an investment in all the exhibiting resource companies. They are vetted investment-worthy companies. Rick points out this year there are “three themes that I see as being most interesting to investors, {they] will be Generative Exploration, Royalty and Takeover Targets. And within those sub-themes, there are probably going to be 35 or 40 exhibitors that fit into one of those three themes.”
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Interview with Larry W. Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese Inc. (TSX.V: AMY; OTC-US: AMYZF; FSE: 2AM): Recycling Cathode Metals in EV and LIB Batteries
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

American Manganese Inc. (TSX.V: AMY; OTC-US: AMYZF; FSE: 2AM) is a diversified specialty and critical metals company, focused on capitalizing on its patented intellectual property, through low cost production and recovery of electrolytic manganese products throughout the world, and recycling of spent electric vehicle lithium ion rechargeable batteries. We learned from Larry W. Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese, that they are currently focused on recycling cathode metals from LIB batteries. The technology, the company had developed, to produce manganese metal from extremely low-grade material has been adapted to achieve high recoveries of lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and aluminum from spent lithium ion batteries. The patent was recently published by the US Patent Office. Plans for 2018 include working on two other patents, building the pilot plant and using pilot plant data to scale up to a three tonne a day demonstration plant. According to Mr. Reaugh, American Manganese is the most advanced company with a cathode material recycling solution and it is getting attention from China, Japan, South Korea, as well as from North America and Europe.
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Interview with Rudi Fronk, Chairman and CEO, Seabridge Gold (TSX: SEA; NYSE:SA): The Best Leveraged Play to a Rising Gold Price
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Seabridge Gold (TSX: SEA; NYSE:SA) holds one of the world's largest resource bases of gold, copper and silver, with the objective of growing gold resource and reserve ownership per share.

We learned from Rudi Fronk, who's chairman and CEO of Seabridge Gold, that he started Seabridge almost 19 years ago with a contrarian view on gold and with the intention to build the best leveraged play to a rising gold price, so that their share price would outperform not only gold but also other gold equities. As a result, any 10% increase in the price of gold over the past 19 years, has resulted on average in a 50% increase in the company's common share price.
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Interview with Justin Brown, Executive Director, Element 25, Developing World Class High Purity Manganese Production for Li-Ion Batteries
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Element 25 (ASX: E25) (formerly Montezuma Mining (ASX: MZM)) is focused on the development of a high purity manganese production facility at their world class 100% owned Butcherbird manganese Project, located in Western Australia. We learned from Justin Brown, who is Executive Director of Element 25, that as manganese prices started to pick up in 2017, due to the demand for manganese for use in lithium ion batteries, the company in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) developed an innovative hydrometallurgical flowsheet to allow for rapid, low cost extraction of manganese from the unique Butcherbird deposit, which boasts in excess of 180Mt in resource. According to Mr. Brown the test work was incredibly successful as was the recently published scoping study. Near term plans include a pre-feasibility study for the next 6 to 12 months before they move into a definitive feasibility study phase, where they will finalize project financing and then move into construction.
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Continental Gold (TSX: CNL; OTCQX: CGOOF): Developing Large High-Grade Precious Metals Properties in Colombia , Supported by Newmont Mining, Interview with Paul Begin, CFO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, U7

Continental Gold (TSX: CNL; OTCQX: CGOOF) is an advanced-stage exploration and development company with an extensive portfolio of 100%-owned gold projects in Colombia. The Company’s flagship, Buriticá project, is a high-grade and multi-million-ounce precious metal project, boasting mineral reserves of 3.7 million ounces at 8.4 g/t gold (13.7 million tons), with production scheduled for 2020. We learned from Paul Begin, CFO of Continental Gold, that the Buriticá project is a high-grade vein system and the feasibility study shows robust economics and rapid return on investment. According to Mr. Begin, there's significant upside to growing the resource at Buriticá, and he believes that it is the best undeveloped gold asset in the world today. In May 2017, Newmont Mining invested US$109 million at a 46% premium to market to purchase a 19.9% interest. The company is advancing on schedule with construction of its Buriticá mine and is commencing an aggressive 137,000-metre drill program on the property.
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Argo Gold Inc. (CSE: ARQ): Exploring High-Grade Projects in Ontario. Interview with Judy Baker, President and CEO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Argo Gold Inc. (CSE: ARQ) is a Canadian company focused on gold exploration projects, with indications of economic viability, located in central and northwestern Ontario. All of Argo Gold’s projects are 100% owned. We learned from Judy Baker, President and CEO of Argo Gold, that their flagship Woco Gold Project is a small high-grade gold vein located 50 kilometers east of Red Lake. Argo Gold is advancing gold exploration with the target of identifying enough ounces to advance the project to a small gold producer. Plans for 2018 include bringing a strategic corporate investor onboard to execute a 5,000 meter drill program at the Woco Project. Ms. Judy Baker believes that the Woco Project has a lot of upside potential given the high-grade of the mineralization that was initially discovered in 1993 and the lack of exploration since then.
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Granada Gold Mine Inc. (TSX.V: GGM): Developing the Granada Gold Property Situated in the Heart of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt and Along the Prolific "Cadillac Trend". Interview with Frank Basa, President and CEO
by Dr. Allen Alper, PhD Economic Geology and Petrology, Columbia University, NYC, US

Granada Gold Mine Inc. (TSX.V: GGM) is developing the Granada Gold Property situated in the heart of the famous Abitibi Greenstone Belt and along the prolific "Cadillac Trend". This potential high-tonnage, near-surface deposit is located 15 minutes from Rouyn-Noranda Quebec, near excellent infrastructure, airport, paved roads to the mine site, and good supply of skilled labour throughout the region. The property includes the former Granada Gold Mine, which produced more than 50,000 ounces of gold in the 1930s. We learned from of Granada Gold Mine, that they have a fairly large resource, which is a combination of open pit and underground. Plans for this year include a lot of drilling to exceed the five million ounce resource, open pit and underground combined, then prepare for a feasibility study that is due in the first quarter of next year. According to Mr. Frank Basa, President and CEO, Granada Gold Mine is positioned to increase its resource by an order of magnitude.
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Cypress Development Re-Elects Five Directors at AGM
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cypress Development Corp. (TSXV:CYP) (OTCQB:CYDVF) (Frankfurt:C1Z1) (“Cypress” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it held its annual general meeting on July 18, 2018.  The Company reports that William Willoughby, Donald Huston, James Pettit, Donald Myers and Amanda Chow were re-elected directors of the Company. Shareholders also re-appointed Davidson & Company, Chartered Accountants, as auditors and approved the renewal of the Company's Incentive Stock Option Plan. Disinterested shareholders also approved the issuance of shares for professional services, as described in the information circular, to compensate Willoughby & Associates, PLLC, a private professional limited liability company controlled by William W. Willoughby, CEO and a director of the Company.
Norsk Hydro: Save the date - Capital Markets Day to be held in London on November 29-30, 2018
Save the dates for Norsk Hydro's Capital Markets Day 2018. The event will take place at the Andaz Hotel, London, UK, on November 29-30.
Mexus provides company update
CABORCA, Mexico, July 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mexus Gold US (OTCQB:MXSG)(“Mexus” or the “Company”) today gave an update on its operations in Mexico. The information provided was compiled by Mexus geologist, Cesar Lemas, who is providing the necessary data from the company’s multiple properties.
Boliden: Q2 Interim Report 2018
BOLIDEN, Sweden, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --
Investment in Leaching Plant at Boliden Rönnskär
BOLIDEN, Sweden, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Boliden has decided to invest SEK 750 m in a leaching plant at Rönnskär. The plant, expected to be operational at the end of 2020, aims to extract more metal from residual material. Simultaneously, the amount of waste for disposal in the deep repository at Rönnskär will be reduced.
Change in Boliden´s Management Team
BOLIDEN, Sweden, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Thomas Söderqvist, Director Corporate Responsibility and member of Group Management, has chosen to leave his current position in favour of part-time pension and a role as senior advisor within Boliden. He will remain in his current position until the recruitment process, which now will be initiated, is finalized and a successor is in place
Boliden's Second Quarter: Strong Result due to Continued Favourable Prices and Terms
BOLIDEN, Sweden, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Boliden's second quarter was characterised by continued favourable prices and terms, resulting in improved profits. Revenues for the period totalled SEK 14,071 m (11,554) and the operating profit was SEK 2,468 m (1,916). The free cash flow totalled SEK 1,718 m (2,152).
SANY's Brand-new Excavator Wins Thumbs-up from Overseas Clients
PEACHTREE CITY, Georgia, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the newest member of SANY's mini excavator family, the SY26U, is specially designed to meet higher requirements in urban construction, agricultural application, landscaping, and other applications. Targeting the U.S., European, and Australian markets, SANY America invited local clients to take a test drive at SANY's factory in order to get detailed feedback for further improvements.
GoldQuest: Update on Activities and Grant of Stock Options
VANCOUVER, B.C., July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoldQuest Mining Corp. (TSXV:GQC) “GoldQuest” or the “Company”) announces a corporate update on activities in the Dominican Republic, and issuance of stock options.
Sayona Mining Ltd (ASX:SYA) Company Presentation Noosa Mining Conference
Sayona Mining Ltd (ASX:SYA) (OTCMKTS:DMNXF) provides the Company's latest presentation at Noosa Mining Conference.
Clean TeQ hosts delegation of senior Members of Parliament at Sunrise Project
MELBOURNE, Australia, July 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or the Company) (ASX:CLQ) (TSX:CLQ) (OTCQX:CTEQF) was delighted to host a delegation of senior Members of Parliament at the Clean TeQ Sunrise Project earlier this week including the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and the Commonwealth Minister for Resources and Northern Australia. The tour follows the recent completion of the Definitive Feasibility Study, which highlighted the global significance of the Clean TeQ Sunrise Project and its ability to generate substantial economic returns for shareholders as well as communities in the Central West region of New South Wales.
Mustang Resources Ltd (ASX:MUS) Caula Project - Maiden Vanadium Mineral Resource
Mustang Resources Ltd (ASX:MUS) (FRA:GGY) (OTCMKTS:MTTGF) is pleased to announce that its Caula Vanadium-Graphite project in Mozambique has taken another key step towards development with the completion of the maiden JORC-compliant vanadium Mineral Resource estimate.
Mithril Resources Limited (ASX:MTH) June 2018 Quarterly Activity Report
Mithril Resources (ASX:MTH) ("Mithril") and its exploration partners are exploring for a range of high-value commodities throughout the Meekatharra, West Kimberley and Kalgoorlie Districts of Western Australia, and the Coompana Province of South Australia (see Figure 1 in link below).
Rumble Resources Ltd (ASX:RTR) RC Drilling Programme Successfully Completed at the Nemesis Gold Project
Rumble Resources Ltd (ASX:RTR) ("Rumble" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that the RC drilling program at the Nemesis Project (M20/33), located 40km's north of Cue in the Murchison Goldfields of Western Australia, has been successfully completed.
Request for Environmental Assessment Extension Denied
CALGARY, July 19, 2018 /CNW/ - Yellowhead Mining Inc. ("Yellowhead" or the "Company") (TSX.V: YMI) reports the decision by the BC Environment Ministry on the Company's request for an extension for its Environmental Assessment Application has been denied.
BeMetals Receives TSXV Conditional Approval for Qualifying Transaction and Closes Private Placement
Roxgold Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer
TORONTO, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Roxgold Inc. ("Roxgold" or the "Company") (TSX: ROXG) (OTC: ROGFF) is pleased to announce today the appointment of Vince Sapuppo to the position of Chief Financial Officer.
Nutrien Declares Quarterly Dividend of US$0.40 per Share
Uranium Energy Corp Announces Results of Annual General Meeting
NYSE American symbol - UEC
NN, Inc. Enhances Aerospace Capabilities With Technology Advancements
CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NN, Inc., (Nasdaq: NNBR) ("NN" or "the Company") a diversified industrial company, today announced that its Power Solutions group has deployed new state-of-the-art technologies that extend its production capabilities for the Aerospace and Defense Markets.
iSIGN Media Announces a Pilot Project with a Major Mining Company in Chile for its Security Alert Messaging (SAM) Technology
TORONTO, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. ("iSIGN" or "Company") (TSX-V: ISD) (OTC: ISDSF), a leading provider of interactive mobile messaging solutions for commercial and security purposes announces that its Chilean reseller, Smart Sign, has signed an agreement with a major mining company for a pilot project for iSIGN's Security Alert Messaging ("SAM") technology.
Strongco Announces Appointment of Oliver Nachevski as Vice President and COO
TSX Symbol: SQP
Kubota Announces Expanded Support for Farmer Veterans with Launch of Product Discounts through Geared to Give Program
GRAPEVINE, Texas, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Kubota Tractor Corporation, in partnership with the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC), now provides additional support for the non-profit's farmer veteran members by offering customer rebates on select Kubota equipment. The discount program is an extension of Kubota's existing partnership with FVC called "Geared to Give," a program that works to identify and provide financial and equipment support to those who have served their country and are now serving their communities through food and farming.
Xometry Launches Autodesk Inventor Integration
GAITHERSBURG, Md., July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Xometry, the country's largest on-demand manufacturing platform, today launched an Autodesk Inventor add-in that enables Inventor users to get a quote from Xometry without leaving the Inventor design workspace.
NioCorp’s Creek Critical Minerals Project Earns a Place in the National Spotlight at a U.S. Senate Hearing
CENTENNIAL, Colo., July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A U.S. Senate Committee chose to highlight NioCorp Developments Ltd.’s (“NioCorp” or the "Company”) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) (FSE:BR3) Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project (the “Project”) because of the uniqueness of the critical minerals it plans to make and because of the Project’s success in reducing its expected environmental impacts.
Standard Industries Appoints Amy Todd Middleton as Head of External Affairs
NEW YORK, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard Industries, a global industrial company, announced today that Amy Todd Middleton has been appointed as the Head of External Affairs, overseeing all communications, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, events and brand partnerships.
Future of Lightweight Metals in the Automotive Sector
LONDON, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Growth Opportunities for Lightweight Metals in Automotive Industry are Driven by Strict Regulations for Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Download the full report:

Global trends targeted towards more energy efficient vehicles driven by the strict legislations regarding reduction of carbon dioxide emissions are putting pressure on the car OEMs.In order to achieve higher energy-efficiency and meet the legislative requirements, lighter cars must be built.

One of the ways to achieve the lightweighting is to replace conventionally used materials such as traditional steel with lighter metal alloys, with no compromise in the materials' performance.
This research service titled "Future of Lightweight Metals in the Automotive Sector" discusses the possibilities of introducing novel lightweight metals into car design and the benefits it can bring towards lighter, safer, and less emissive cars. We present a benchmarking analysis of metal alloys: aluminum, magnesium, beryllium, titanium, and advanced high-strength steel (AHSSS) and their potential use in the car design.
The key properties of each material that act as indicators for performance factors are identified and presented in detail.Application scope within the car is assessed, indicating which elements can be potentially replaced with aforementioned metals.

Assessment of needs from different application segments in automotive industry is carried out in order to identify the gaps and assess the future opportunities.
A listing of key innovations, best practice examples, stakeholder initiatives, and patent filing trends in automotive industries is included to give an indication of the road ahead for novel materials and its' manufacturing techniques to watch.

Download the full report:

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Brussels, July 19, 2018 (5:45 pm) - COIL, the world leader for aluminium anodising, is reporting its revenues for the first half of 2018.

The first half of this year was marked by unprecedented aluminium price volatility. In December 2017, aluminium prices increased by 14% in just two weeks, but had returned to their previous levels by the end of March, only to rebound by 32% during the first half of April. They are currently 8% higher than their December 2017 prices.

In general, this price volatility does not directly affect COIL's results because it does not buy or sell the metal that it treats for its subcontracting business. In its project business, metal purchases are fully hedged when an order is taken. This situation has not had any effect on the Company's prices.

In addition, this volatility has a limited impact on underlying demand for aluminium, since end-users continue to purchase metal to satisfy end-market demand and competing materials (with the exception of steel) are significantly more expensive

However, high price volatility impacts the profitability of industrial aluminium users and significantly influences their purchasing and hedging strategies in the short term, particularly for metal distributors. For the first half of 2018, this situation was reflected in a destocking trend, concentrated primarily in the first quarter, with distributors needing to build their stock levels back up again from the second quarter faced with positive trends for underlying demand for continuous anodising.

In this environment, COIL recorded €12.1m of revenues for the first half of 2018, down 15.5% from the first half of 2017, with the first quarter accounting for all of this contraction. Sales of anodising services (€11.0m at June 30, 2018) are down 13.7% from the first half of 2017, but were stable in the second quarter of 2018.

Aluminium price volatility has also had a short-term effect on the project business. Sales of packaged offers (anodising with metal included) came to €1.1m, down compared with a high first half of 2017; they represent 9.2% of revenues at June 30, 2018, compared with 11.2% one year earlier. However, there was a strong resurgence in the level of enquiries in the second quarter.

From an industrial perspective, COIL has supported the start-up of its two new production lines in Belgium and Germany, which is expected to be reflected in certain related costs. The new automated batch anodising line, based on the new Aloxide® process, was opened in Belgium at the start of the year. The new Line 6 for continuous anodising in Germany is gradually taking on production from Line 3 in Belgium with a view to being fully operational by the end of September.

Given the current level of order intake, COIL expects the business to return to normal demand patterns in the second half of the year. With the new Aloxide® business coming on stream and the benefits of its Line 6 investment, the outlook for COIL's business is still excellent.

Next date: 2018 first-half earnings on October 2, 2018 (after close of trading).

COIL is the world's largest architectural and industrial anodiser.
Slam Discovers New Float Grading 8.64% Zinc
SLAM Plans Drilling Program To Test Portage Zone
Detour Gold Addresses Further Misleading Statements by Activist Paulson & Co.
TORONTO, July 19, 2018 /CNW/ - Detour Gold Corporation (TSX: DGC) ("Detour Gold" or the "Company") addresses further misleading statements by activist Paulson & Co. ("Paulson").
Dragon Shale set to disrupt the Oil Shale industry
VERNAL, Utah, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dragon Shale LLC (Dragon - begins construction of a new Oil Shale conversion and separation pilot plant. Having been awarded a grant by USTAR, the Utah State Technology and Research initiative, Dragon is now moving its bench scale process to this next stage of testing. With this process Dragon will produce high value products from Kerogen Oil obtained from Oil Shale, disrupting existing Kerogen Oil industries.
Moneta Intercepts 47.00 m @ 2.08 g/t Gold Including 23.87 m @ 2.48 G/t Gold in a new Mineralized Shoot at South West
Symbol: TSX: ME
Nucor Reports Results for Second Quarter and First Half of 2018
CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nucor Corporation (NYSE: NUE) today announced second quarter of 2018 consolidated net earnings of $683.2 million, or $2.13 per diluted share, which are the highest second quarter earnings in the Company's history. By comparison, Nucor reported consolidated net earnings of $354.2 million, or $1.10 per diluted share, for the first quarter of 2018 and $323.0 million, or $1.00 per diluted share, for the second quarter of 2017.
Giyani Enters Into Research Collaboration With Rhodes University
OAKVILLE, Ontario, July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Giyani Metals Corporation (TSXV:WDG) (GR:A2DUU8) (“Giyani” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the signing of a research collaboration program with Rhodes University, South Africa, regarding battery-grade manganese within the Company’s flagship Kanye manganese project in Botswana
From Design to Delivery: Launches their New RFQ Form for Buyers
MARIETTA, Ga., July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --, the world's largest online manufacturing marketplace, announced the launch of their new RFQ form. The form has been reformatted specifically with marketplace users in mind and alters the way we, the industry, view the quoting process. The RFQ creation process is 5-times faster and even more intuitive for the Buyer. Buyers will find a more user-friendly, efficient experience, and Suppliers will find RFQs released quicker to the marketplace. The change was motivated by's core mission statement to make it EASY for buyers and suppliers to discover each other. Andy Richardson, Vice President of Sales, states, "We've always seen ourselves as a progressive company. is always looking for new ways to enhance and streamline the customer experience for our buyers and suppliers. We've taken your feedback and came up with a great solution, the new RFQ creation process."
Genuine Parts Company Reports Record Sales And Earnings For The Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2018
ATLANTA, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Genuine Parts Company (NYSE: GPC) announced today sales and earnings for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2018.
Nevada Sunrise Announces Commencement of Airborne Survey on Coronado VMS Property in Nevada
Kootenay Silver Reports Results of Surface Sampling at Copalito Silver-Gold Project, Mexico
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --
Enforcer Gold reports 7.0 % zinc and 1.2 g/t gold over 6 meters and provides resource estimate update at Roger project
Tree Island Steel to Issue Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results on August 2, 2018
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tree Island Steel Ltd. (“Tree Island” or the “Company”) (TSX:TSL) today announced that it will report its second quarter 2018 financial results for the period ended June 30, 2018, after market hours on Thursday, August 2, 2018.
TMI Completes Structural Context Analysis on Central Jumbo with Drill Targets Proposed at Gold Springs Project
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TriMetals Mining Inc. (TSX:TMI), (“TMI” or “the Company”), announces the completion of a structural context analysis identifying five prospective drill target areas in the central portion (“Central Jumbo”) of the significant Jumbo Trend at its flagship Gold Springs Project in the western U.S.A.  TMI will use the analysis to support further gold exploration and future drilling at Gold Springs.
Valley Joist + Deck Announces New Leadership And Unveils New Brand Identity
FORT PAYNE, Ala., July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Valley Joist + Deck ("Valley") announced today that Thad Chapman, Keith Juedeman and Chuck McGlothlen will lead the strategic, financial, and operational responsibilities for the company, which designs, engineers, and manufactures a full range of steel joist and deck product systems. All three have an established track record of driving significant growth and success within cost-effective and results-oriented environments.
First Cobalt Drilling at Iron Creek Extends Mineralization of Waite Zone
TORONTO, July 19, 2018 /CNW/ - First Cobalt Corp. (TSX-V: FCC; ASX: FCC; OTCQX: FTSSF) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that drilling from underground at the Iron Creek Cobalt Project in Idaho, USA continues to extend mineralization beyond the extents of the historic resource. Results from six drill holes completed at the western extension of the mineralized zones validate previously reported intersections which have, to date, extended the total strike length of the Waite Zone to 520 metres along a dip length of more than 250 metres.
Helicopter-Borne VTEM and Magnetic Geophysical Survey Completed at Stardust
VANCOUVER, July 19, 2018 /CNW/ - Sun Metals Corp. ("Sun Metals" or the "Company") (TSXV: SUNM) announces completion of a 1,103 km helicopter-borne Versatile Time Domain Electro Magnetic (VTEM) and Magnetic Geophysical Survey at the Stardust project in northcentral British Columbia.
Expanded Graphite Market to Reach Approximately US$ 400 Mn by 2026; Increasing Concerns About Building Fire Safety to Drive Market: Transparency Market Research
ALBANY, New York, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --
Experts Corner
Interview: Summer Rally Underway but Later Than Expected
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Jordan Roy-Byrne kicks off the show with comments on the PMs and the recent pull back. There are some key breakdowns that happened over the past couple weeks but the sector is ready to rally. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  
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TheDailyGold Premium Update #579
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
The 21-page update was published and emailed to subscribers late Saturday night. The update covers our outlook for the sector with important targets for Gold and Silver and the stocks. We also comment on our holdings which we are quite pleased with in regards to each...
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Interview: Precious Metals for the Remainder of 2018
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Jordan Roy Byrne has adjusted his forecast for precious metals. He believes that they’ll continue to be weak until the Fed starts cutting rates, which won’t be for a while. With the dollar headed higher, Jordan says there’s really nothing to move precious metals higher....
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TheDailyGold Premium Flash Update (7/19)
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
The 9-page update was published and emailed to subscribers Thursday AM. In this update we cover the outlook for the sector as well as developments with some of our companies. Two of our companies reported news and their shares responded positively. One stock we own is...
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Signal vs. Noise in the Gold Market
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
    In his book Nobody Knows Anything, my friend Bob Moriarty wrote about the difference between signal and noise. Unfortunately, much of the information in the gold space or what passes for such is really noise. Conspiracy theories around manipulation, price...
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Video: Seasonality Analysis You Won’t Get From Gold Bugs
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
A look at how seasonality is much different over the last 5 years than the last 10,20 and 45. The pattern of the last 5 years implies a sharp decline by the end of summer. That differs from the generic look at the last few decades. Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  
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TheDailyGold Premium Update #578
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
The 24-page update was published and emailed to subscribers late Saturday evening. The update covers some technical targets for one gold stock index as well as the short-term outlook for Gold.
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Interview: Gold Overdue for Relief Rally but not Yet Bull Market
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Jordan discusses where the market is and why it failed to break-out. Traders were anticipating a breakout, and many are likely disappointed. The dollar is consolidating and now above the long-term moving average. Concerning GDX and GDX.J, things are still pretty dull....
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Merk Research
by Merk Investments

As part of Merk's in-house research we regularly evaluate a consistent set of charts covering the economy, equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies. The aim is to keep our eyes open and to look through the noise of the headlines, avoiding the distractions of sensationalized click-bait. In sharing this content, we offer a cross-check to your own thinking and aim to add value to your own process. Today's topic: the business cycle. History suggests a recession is unlikely to start within the next six months, but...
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Interview: Why S&P More Important to Gold than US$
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Jordan Roy-Byrne, founder and editor of The Daily Gold joins me today to share his thoughts on why gold investors need to watch the S&P more closely than the USD. These comments are also tied into a bigger picture look at where the PMs are heading to the end of the...
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Interview: Price Targets of $10,000 and Higher Based on History
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Gold analyst, Jordan Roy-Byrne, talks about his journey from tech-stock investor to gold analyst. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  
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TheDailyGold Premium Update #577
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
The 24-page update was published and emailed to subscribers early Sunday.  
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Interview: Ratio Analysis, Gold vs. Gold Stocks & Gold vs. Silver
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold kicks off the show with a look at the precious metals. We address how the stocks moved this week and comment on the gold:silver ratio and gold stocks:gold ratio. Click Here to Learn About TheDailyGold Premium  
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Bearish Sentiment Can Only Take Gold so Far
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
    Despite its lack of bullish fundamentals and the poor price action, Gold is now technically oversold and has reached strong support with sentiment approaching potentially extreme levels. The conditions are in place for a rally. That being said, bearish...
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Interview: Sentiment Points to a Bounce in Gold but it Needs to be Strong
by Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT
Jordan Roy-Byrne, Fonder of The Daily Gold shares some data about the current sentiment in gold and the bounces we have seen over the past 17 months when at these levels. These prior bounces lead some to believe that at least a $100+ run is due but there are some other...
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